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2023-2024 DANCE YEAR

Registration for 2023-2024 dance year will be online for returning students starting on June 17, 2023 at 10:00am and July 1, 2023 at 10:00am for new students. The 2023-2024 dance year will begin on September 5, 2023.

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A Message From Ms Cathy

Dear Dancer and Parents:

I have been teaching dance for over 35 years and can honestly say I love teaching children the same today as when I began. Each generation may have its own dance style (the twist, disco, hip-hop), but the basics and techniques of the dance do not change. Parents often ask me which classes their child should take. Well, it depends on his or her goals.

If your child dreams of becoming a cheerleader, then she needs to enroll in tumbling (acrobatics) and hip-hop. This combination will give her all of the tools to help her be her best when she tries out.
If your child wants to be on the dance line, she needs jazz, technique and, if you can afford three classes, ballet will help a lot. If all she takes is hip-hop, she will probably not make the dance line. Hip-hop is fun and certainly helps with basic coordination and simple movements, but it does not focus on the techniques and difficult skills necessary for dance line.

If your child simply wants to take dance because she enjoys it, likes music and performing, then let her take whatever appeals to her.
Ballet is the most structured class with emphasis on strength, flexibility, balance and form. Tap helps tremendously with rhythm, timing and understanding musical phrasing and counts. Acrobatics is great not only for learning tumbling skills, but it forces the student to control her entire body and builds strength and control. Jazz teaches quick steps and difficult coordination skills as well as the more advanced turns and leaps necessary for more advanced dancing. Hip-hop teaches the street style dancing – mostly basic coordination skills and movement while moving your entire body and having fun. Dance lessons and performing in front on an audience help your child learn the true lessons, those that last a lifetime — that success comes one step at a time from hard work, dedication and self confidence.

I hope this helps!

Ms Cathy

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